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Community and resources

Although you may not know anyone else who’s affected by fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), you are not alone.

There’s a strong and vibrant global community of people living with or caring for someone with the condition. Patient advocacy groups can help you speak with, or hear from, others who may be in a similar situation


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Not sure where to start?


The International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Association (IFOPA) is a non-profit organization, formed with the goal of bringing together people living with FOP.1

Today, the IFOPA also provides education and support for people living with FOP and their families.1

Clinical trials in FOP

Doctors and researchers are working hard to find additional ways of managing FOP that go beyond palliative and preventative strategies,2,3 and many 

clinical trialsHi FOP

Clinical trials     
Clinical trials are research studies that test medical or surgical interventions in people, in order to determine if they are safe and effective.5

are ongoing.2

Inclusion of a clinical trial in the list does not constitute or imply its endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Ipsen. Specific entry requirements exist for all trials, and not all patients may be eligible.

FOP Registry

The FOP 

RegistryHi FOP

Patient registries are organized systems that collect information about groups of patients who share the same condition or experience.6

, independently operated by IFOPA, was started in 2015 and is today the largest database of medical information about FOP and those who are living with the disease. It is a vital tool for helping doctors better recognize the complexities of FOP and improve patient care.4



Who are the members of the FOP care team?

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Healthcare professionals from a range of different specialties may be needed to help provide the best care possible for someone with FOP.2

Read a guide to the network involved in FOP care to learn more about the roles each specialty has.


Find a physician familiar with FOP near you

Our regional care center database contains the names and contact details of physicians and institutes who are familiar with caring for patients with FOP. Use the map to search for a physician in your area.


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